To promote and advance the exciting game of Rugby in Connecticut

RugbyCT League Rules


Rugby CT Competition Committee (Spring 15’s)

Rugby CT’s mission is to build new Youth and High School Rugby programs within the State of CT.


Rugby CT bylaws Article 5: Committees- Competition Committee - responsible for organizing and overseeing schedules and competition at all levels.

2020 Members: Gennaro Gelsi, Dave Lyme, Jack Wallace, Pete McLean and Ed Mateo.

Rugby Connecticut will be ran by the Rugby CT Board of Directors. The purpose of the High School Competition Committee will be to develop and propose, policies and procedures for the fairness of High School competition and create the league schedule, consistent with the Laws and regulations set forth by Rugby CT, USA Rugby and IRB. It will be chaired by the Committee member appointed and replaced by the Board.

One Board Committee Member shall be appointed by the Board, whose primary responsibility will be to serve as the Chair of the High School Competition Committee. The Chair may solicit volunteers from Rugby CT members of the High School League to serve on the Committee. There shall be at least one committee member from each Divisional Conference in the league. Total membership (including the Chair) shall not exceed the total number of conferences Divisions plus two. Members must commit to take part in regular calls and monthly meetings.

Each year the Competition Committee shall publish a Seasonal Plan for the upcoming year. The Seasonal Plan shall detail the plan for the CT High School Rugby Spring 15s Season. The plan will include: Divisions, League Dates and League Team/Player Eligibility.

  1. The Seasonal Plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before publication.
  2. The Seasonal Plan will be distributed to all members, either electronically or in print, prior to AGM.






Rugby CT Competition Committee Seasonal Plan 2020 Spring 15’s:


Requirements to play in the CT High School League:

  • Players need to be registered and attending school or home schooled in CT.
  • Players need to be following academic and attendance requirement of their own school. 
  • Coaches need to be following player eligibility requirements of their CT HS.
  • Coaches and Players need to be following Rugby CT guidelines.



Girls D1: This is our TOP girl division. All girl varsity and club programs in CT may enter this league.

Proposed Teams: Simsbury, Fairfield, Mid State, Greenwich, North Haven, Southington, Darien, Glastonbury, Staples


Boys D1: This is our TOP boy division. All boy varsity and club programs in CT should attempt to enter a D1 team. CT Varsity and CT Club teams may only enter this league. No teams or players from outside CT may play in this league. Only players enrolled in CT high Schools.

Proposed teams: Greenwich HS, Simsbury, Staples, Fairfield, Prep, Ridgefield


Boys D2: This division is for second tier CT teams and D1 teams that have an overflow of junior and senior players. All D1 teams that enter a D2 team must submit a roster of 15 players before the season’s first game. These players shall not play in any D2 games in the given season. Emerging teams in the CT league may play in this division.  

Proposed Teams: Mid-State, Southington, Darien, West Harford, Greenwich HS D2, Staples D2


JV League (Boys Freshman/ Sophomore): This division is for CT students enrolled in 9th and 10th grade only.

Proposed Teams: Fairfield, Simsbury, Greenwich HS, Staples, Prep,


Boys Freshman: Freshmen only division. This division is for CT students enrolled in 9th grade only.

Proposed Teams: Greenwich HS, Staples,


B-Side: For D1 and D2 teams. Games will be determined and scheduled by coaches after D1 and D2 games. Games can be 7’s, 10’s or 15’s. D1 teams can have their B team play a D2 team but are not D2 league matches. Scheduled B-side games must be played.


Boys Developmental: This is for emerging teams that might not have enough players to roster a 15s team. Games can be 7s, 10’s or 15’s. Games will be scheduled by coaches with help through the competition committee.

Proposed Teams: Shoreline, GRC, Staple, Prep, Danbury, Center for Global Studies, Xavier (freshman level) Bishop Hendricken (D2 level)



League Dates:

AGM: Nov. 10th 11:00

Dec. 1st: Teams must declare division in league.

League Schedule:

Schedules will be released in January of seasonal year. League division teams must notify the competition committee by Dec.1st of prior year so the schedule can be completed in time. If no communication occurs team will not be put into the schedule.

You will have a week window to play the scheduled match. Games must be scheduled by home team coach, 3 weeks prior to scheduled week. Understanding that HS Rugby might be last on the list to get fields, all coaches must start communication with each other once schedule is released. Honest Communication between coaches solve 99% of the scheduling issues.

Score Reporting:

Home team coach shall enter home game score into the Rugby CT website no later than 24 hours from end time of game.

Start Date: Week of first league game any time before or on 4/10/20

Assigned game must be completed by end of day of scheduled week.

Final Divisional games:

Must be played by end of day May 8th


D1 and D2 all teams make playoffs seed 1 and 2 get first round byes.

JV top 4 teams make semi-finals

State Championship Game: May 30th, 2020

Location: Board to decide

Order of games:

Freshman, Freshman/Sophomore, D2 Boys, D1 games: Girls even years and Boys odd years

Assigned Day Organizer:

Board (decide before season starts)


*all D1 teams must have some form of a B-side game except Staples. If no B-side game is played there will be a 1-point league penalty.

*all scheduled games will be played unless there is a major safety concern. If a team needs to forfeit a game, there must be a 2-week notice prior to scheduled game date. If there is no notice, the team will be penalized 2-league points.



League Team/Player Eligibility:

All teams must be registered with USA Rugby and all current players must be CIPPed on or before the first scheduled match.


All CT Divisions:

All players within the league must play for the town they live in, the school they go to or that is within the geographical area agreed on by the club coaches and competition committee prior to the season’s start. No players from a varsity program can play on a Club Team in CT competition. No waivers.


CT Varsity Programs (School Funded Teams) - will roster and allow participation in sanctioned Rugby Connecticut competitions, only players that are approved through their school administration and that are in good standings with their school board.

CT Club Programs (Multi-School Teams/ Co-Op programs) will roster and allow participation in sanctioned Rugby Connecticut competitions, only players that are approved and enrolled in schools in their designated and agreed on town list. No outside CT players will be on a CT Club/Varsity Program and play in CT Competition.

Town Alignment - Team representatives will meet with competition committee at an agreed-on time prior to season and review town list for confirmation. No club team should draw from 5 or more towns. All remaining town players will be split up evenly depending on geographical area and history with club’s youth program.

Conduct – Coaches/Representatives from the Teams will honestly and clearly communicate this rule with Parents, Players and other Team and School officials to eliminate confusion and potential loss of play by a student. Club teams will work together. *Any Club Team that takes a player from a school with a varsity or club rugby program in CT cannot compete in the CT league at any level for the next 2 years, even if they are not in enrolled in CT competition.

Home Schooled Students - If a player is not enrolled in a school and meets all age and academic requirements, they will be designated by their agreed-on hometown.

Out of State Players Participating on in State Teams -   Players that are not enrolled in a School within Connecticut are not allowed to participate in any Rugby Connecticut League Scheduled Competition.